Who you are today is what really matters

Yes, it’s true. Who you are today is what really matters..

Who we are is a complex conversation, but all in all, the way we think today is determined by many life situations:

Physically we are from our biological parents and ancestors, but who we are mentally comes from many different situations in our lives.  We have obtained and absorbed information through the environments we have been brought up in and surrounded ourselves in, that is what a lot of us define ourselves as. However, defining ourselves too much can be dangerous, as we see in the world. Many people identify themselves deeply with something and cause so many disasters.

This is something we should have balance with, and something we should be mindful of.

An example

The film Lion (and a true story), where the actor Dev Patel plays Saroo Brierley who was separated from his biological mother at in his early years due an unfortunate circumstance, and then was adopted by an Australian family. His experience of life comes from his environmental challenges and changes,. Even though his memory takes him back to his childhood and makes him want to go home, his lifestyle, friendships, accent and more were due to the life he lived being brought up in Australia. However if he was to remain in India his social life, hobbies and more would be that of India’s and the area he would of been brought up in.

The same man, but given an upbringing in a different world.

With that in mind, becoming attached to one way of life, or becoming too attached to the person you are in the moment (or were), and not giving yourself the room to grow, change and be the best human being you can be, is something you shouldn’t limit your life to. When you create limits to life, you end a cycle.

Who you are today comes from within, and you can change to be better and get rid of habits and ways that do not serve you.

But for the majority of humanity, who we are today internally is something that we haven’t taken much responsibility for and that is the largest barrier in this process; the way we think, what we consume, what we watch, what we listen to and more. Once we take that responsibility, together with a balanced attitude, we can give ourselves the clear sight to change things we may not like, things that make us unhappy and overall work towards and eventually become someone that is at peace and joyful inside. All this happens because we take responsibility for our feelings and lives, instead of waiting for external surroundings to change that are not in our control. 

Yoga is the path, but it doesn’t happen over night

I, myself, am working on changing things on a daily basis. I still struggle with this and controlling the senses is where yoga and meditation comes in. With the sadhana of yoga you start to see within, and start to get to know the person that you are. Only once you start to understand yourself a bit better and who you may have become then you can start to change things that might not be so good and do not serve you. 

Once I started to meditate and understand there is more than just the physical aspect of yoga, this changed changed my life for the better and enhanced me in ways I couldn’t imagine.

I really started to eliminate ways that I did not want to be any longer.

From when I started my physical yoga to the point of learning how significant the meditation aspect is, I learnt such a great deal and even though I could wish it happened earlier, I am happy the process was right. So don’t rush your process.

The importance of Sadhana

Sadhana can be defined as a regular and dedicated practice to something. In my life, that is yoga.

If you try the simple methods of yoga and meditation on a regular basis, you will start to obtain the skills and benefits that can help you change and better yourself for who you are today. It may not happen overnight. Just as it has taken a certain amount of time for you to be who you are now, why would you now suddenly change in 5 minutes?

But with patience, a dedicated Sadhana, and an attitude for change, your life has endless possibilities and I wish you the best in having the best life you can.

I look back at the way I was in many things and think if only I knew what I knew now, but I didn't. Digging in to the past will not serve this process, but understanding “who you are today is what really matters” allows you to move forward in this dimension of your life.

Changes start from within, not from the outside. Only once you are willing to do something, then something can actually happen. The same concept goes for attitude and mentality. 

We only experience life within ourselves and once we all take responsibility for that, then we can all live in a wonderful environment which will be beautiful for all involved. The problem we face is that not everybody has taken responsibility for their own inner wellbeing and that has lead to so many forms of destruction in many parts of the world and societies today. 

Enjoy the path of having the best life you can. I wish you nothing but love for this, and just remember it is what you are doing today that really matters. You can apologise and change much of your life if you take responsibility for yourself first.


Written by Suraj Ghumra

Making mistakes - using yoga & meditation to help you identify & fix them

Making Mistakes

Making mistakes is a part of life. Every single human being in this World has made a mistake.
Mistakes are in fact healthy, and they teach us so much about; ourselves, our personalities and also our bouncebackability.
We live in a society that is tracked so much more than ever before, and with videos, pictures and the social media, people may feel like they have to be robotic. But the reality is that mistakes have been happening since the day the World was created and they are what makes you and I human.

Why am I writing this

I want the good people out there to be ok with what they have done in their lives! :)
I myself have made more mistakes than I've had hot dinners, and that's in many forms of my life but as a society, we need to assess how we treat others, look at others and approach others that make mistakes without pointing a finger and acting like "OMG I would never do that", because the chances are those pointing fingers are those trying to hide what they are up to behind closed doors.
And I want people to understand and accept that IT IS OKAY TO DO STUPID THINGS THAT YOU REGRET!
I am not saying to go outside and hurt people, bully people, or anything that is seriously bad. But if you date the wrong person, or you get a bit too drunk that night and sleep with someone, or you say something you shouldn't have then it's OKAY!
Do not beat yourself up about it, instead, use these lessons to take forward in your life, and fix those mistakes (if possible). A simple sorry for example could do the trick and if the situation is not possible to fix then at least work on not doing it again.
And these skills are what we learn in yoga & meditation.
We learn to forgive ourselves firstly, then once we surpass that, we can work on bettering ourselves.


How yoga & meditation can help you understand your feelings and move on from your mistakes

When I started practising yoga in 2011, I was full of a lot of mental baggage, I was searching for physical healing but found that my mind was going to go into healing too. It was a very long and intensive healing process that I wanted to happen quickly but actually took years.
Nearly 7 years on, I have made and still am making numerous mistakes; in my personal life, at work, with friends, with family, doing yoga postures, playing FIFA, writing emails - you get my drift! But what yoga has done has allowed me to understand and be conscious of what mistakes I am making, and act upon not doing them, and bettering myself.
In a society where we are fed so much (false) information - free thought can be lost, and when free thought is lost one can find it hard to even understand what they are doing is wrong. Some people that cheat on their spouses will understand slightly what they are doing is incorrect, but because they are not looking within they may be stuck in a loop. Some are just truly bad people, but this is a separate conversation.
But the yoga gives you an understanding of yourself and allows you to understand why you are making certain mistakes in your life and then gives you the tools and skills to action a better life for yourself and work at moving away from the bad things you may be doing.

A few last words

Life is short, we all know that but whilst you are here wouldn't it be wonderful to at least understand yourself a bit better and why you have made the decisions you have made. And whether they are right or wrong; being aware through the union of your mind and body is a commodity no currency in the world can buy and this can only be purchased by the "soul" owner - you.

Enjoy your yoga and thank you for reading.

Written by Suraj Ghumra.