Change is the only constant


Change is the only constant thing in life, one of my old bosses taught me this, and he is totally correct.

It's something that is also tough to get to grips with as we are all designed in a certain way, we all have a certain code, but the reality is that this code is always adapting and changing. 

And that change, for some, can be super scary, when for others it comes more naturally. Regardless, it’s something we all need to accept and let change organically take it’s course, as we have no control over it. And, as scary as it is, it’s also fantastic as it teaches us that we cannot control everything, and once we let that go - we can do wonderful things. 

How constant change has always been a part of my life

Since I was a young boy, I've had to get used to change due to different family situations and from a young age naturally we became very agile people. Little did I know I was learning the most important skills I would take with me into my future. 

I completely understand how many people cannot do that. Even now I'm happy to make new friends and do new things all the time whilst others around me can't understand or appreciate that because they are so stuck to one thing. The bottom line is we all go through change, sometimes it's for the better and sometimes it's for the worse, but that doesn't mean it's not going to happen. 

As I have grown I have lost friends and made friends and that is likely to continue for life. There are friends that are great to have from a younger age, and you do build on those relationships if they are healthy. However, sometimes people just grow apart, and there is no problem in that. If you don’t see each other as much, it’s most likely because things in your life and theirs have changed so much. It is important to know that people will always have an opinion; the key is to accept the change and do what is best for you.

Accepting change

Like I stated earlier, this is one of the biggest challenges for any human being to go through. It's extremely difficult, but it's necessary.

We aren't always going to have and be around the same people, job, family and financial circumstances; that's just inevitable. 

I, myself, have had to accept and emotionally accept a lot of change throughout my life, but this is a common thing and the best way to deal with it is to go with it. If it's dangerous, obviously, your instinct and nature will kick in to protect yourself for the better, but if it's just organic then just let it flow.

Changing for the better

Sometimes the change is very tough, like a family member passing or you getting married and leaving your parents, ending a friendship or relationship, leaving a job etc. And these, without doubt, are all hard and probably most challenging, but as long as it’s for the best and it’s healthy for you, then aim to change for the better.

Nothing is forever, change is always going to occur and the best advice I can give anyone is to listen to your gut and let nature take it’s course

Thank you for reading and I hope you have enjoyed today’s topic.

Written by Suraj Ghumra.

Positive Intention

The lesson

When I started practising yoga and meditation Tuwith dedication and seriousness, I did start with the intention to fix my knee, my badly broken, previously septic, intensely painful knee joint that was far more stubborn than a mule. I wanted to heal quickly but the knees take longer to heal than any other joints in the body.

During this time I was very confused, upset, emotional, filled with rage and anger at my situation and in many ways lost. I was lost because not only was I injured and helpless to walk, not expecting the outcome that I encountered post ACL reconstruction, but I learnt something about life at an age the 24, that nothing in this world is promised except death.

I went into an ACL reconstruction of my left knee; thinking that I would come out the same way I did when my right knee was reconstructed, but how that hope went right down the crapper. But the lesson I learnt was priceless, it was in fact, something that I decided to make into a positive lesson, and I didn't know until later I was doing that straight away. I knew that I was going to prove the doctors wrong about them saying I would always have difficulty walking, and never be able to use the full range of my knee, but I really had no idea to the extent of what I was going to gain as a yogi but learn as a human being.

Positive intention pays off

My mentality at the point of being in serious physical pain and being falling in and out of depression was very complex, and the first year was the hardest, I had to adapt physically, mentally, in friendships, relationships, not being able to see people as much, having to fight and try and make people understand close to me why I was extremely difficult to be around but I still kept a smile on my face (most the time). Not only that, I had certain people that did nothing to help me, and I was naive to think others would stop their lives to fit mine; something that took me a while to understand and accept that not all people think the same way you do.

During my yoga practise, I kept pushing through the pain, kept going back to yoga and I kept working at a craft that I knew would help me, because the way I felt after class was much better than I did before, and the logic and science behind yoga just felt right to me, and my body did start to change for the better, and even though it has taken 6 years for me to be where I am today, I wonder where I would be without the yoga.

And all the above came from pure positive intention, something I believe can help anyone going through a difficult time, whether it is yoga you use, or it's tai chi, or meditation, or reading or mathematics; regardless of what you want to achieve in your life if you start it with positive intention you can achieve even more.

And with that mentality, in the crazy world we live in, it can take you much further and to a place where you can understand yourself and others around you better.

I would like to leave you with a quote that I strongly believe in and even though I just wrote it down now, this has been with me internally for years.

"Intention is a powerful thing, and when used with positive affirmation we can achieve more than brilliance, we can achieve anything."

- Suraj Ghumra

I wish you the best of health and happiness with everything you do, and with positive intention, anything can be accomplished.

Thank you for reading.

Written by Suraj Ghumra.